Senin, 26 Mei 2014

Zivanna Letisha: Be Princess on Your Own

Being beautiful is the dream of all women and Letisha Zivanna like representation of the dreams. Hobo girl born 25 years ago it looked so graceful when it comes to Fikom Untar on May 20. Tall, slim black dress with bandage, adam who am willing to turn his attention. As evidence, the crown of Miss Indonesia ever decorate her beautiful face, even to represent Indonesia in the Miss Universe pageant universal 2009.
His experience became Miss Indonesia and compete to be Miss Universe 2009 gave him valuable lessons. He also shared the lessons through the book. Book Smart Girls Champion, the first of the book since high school girl who has a dream that his record. In front of the student Fikom Untar, Zivanna or familiarly called Zizi dissect the contents of the book.
The book is rich in motivation to the prempuan - prempuan Indonesia for achievement and champions in their respective fields. Because according prempuan not need to be a beauty contest winner, " Be yourself through the ability that you have, be a princess on your own" said the girl who claimed to spend 4 months to complete the book.

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