Senin, 26 Mei 2014

Opera Sydney House in Untar

Sydney Opera House is a landmark in the Australian state Untar ! Suddenly this scene attracted the attention of students who are passing in front of Gd.M, Untar, Wednesday ( 23/4 ). Aim the camera was readily scrambling to capture this moment.

It turns out that the Opera House is a replica of one of the groups that used Fikom Untar event organizer that is part of their event. This course aims to add insight and knowledge of students in the field of organizing an activity. Students are required to make the event a real creative for a semester course.

This replica is used as backround photography competition on the theme " Lost in Sydney " and become the center of attention because of the large size of the student. More than 15 participants took part in this race, not only from outside the Communication Faculty of Communication Faculty participants also interested in competing to capture the moment. Participants were divided into small groups of people to take turns 3 berjumalah photographing models, but there is no time to relax because participants have to race against time. Every 5 minutes to change the model used and the style property.

Once completed the results of the work of these participants exhibited photos and you can enjoy the beauty shots of the participants in the 11th floor hallway of Gd. Main, Untar.

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