Senin, 26 Mei 2014

Surgery Ads

Creadzy one of interest and talent organization in faculty of communication sciences Tarumanagara University (FIKom Untar) which interest in advertisement making an event called “Bedah Iklan” (21/5) with this year theme “INSIDE INI SI IDE” and the main topic about  this event was “Nu Green Tea campaign”. The event occurs in Tarumanagara Main building on 11th floor room 1106 with the main lecturer Mr. Paulus Soni Cahya Gumilang one of the teacher in FIKom Untar and also the one who make the Nu Green Tea campaign in Indonesia.

Mr. Paulus give all the method about why he makes that kind of campaign for Nu Green Tea and he give some tips to all the participants about how to get an idea to make a great campaign. This event was so great to the new students of FIKom Untar so they’ll not choose the wrong majors in the 4th semeters.

With a great lecturer and free entry making this  event is so great and educational especially for the student who already having interest to go to advertisement majors in the 4th semesters.

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