Senin, 26 Mei 2014

Merapi FIKom Untar

Student Representative Council ( DPM ) Untar Fikom hold public pulpit on Wednesday ( 19/3 ) at the building Fikom Untar 11th floor room 1106 AB. Discussion with the theme " Merapi : Listening Aspiration " is inviting, Dr.Eko Harry Susanto, M.Si ( Dean Fikom Untar ), Drs.Widyatmoko, MMselaku Pudek. Fikom Untar, as well as the ranks of lecturers and staff employees Fikom Untar .

The general pulpit forget the next step in a questionnaire distributed by members of the DPM Fikom Untar on some time ago. The results of the questionnaire are presented in the form of measured data into a chart displayed in a slide presentation, and then discuss it together to find solutions to problems.

The enthusiasm of students crowded the room visible from much of the discussion to those who are not caught seating. Students who attended the event provide a wide range of reactions questions, input and feedback on the results of questionnaires obtained.

Different from previous years, this time DPM Fikom Untar give awards to the best lecturer by student assessment. This award as encouragement for other professors to be able to provide better instruction to students. And for the first time Mom Suzy, Genep Mr. & Mr. Yugih a lecturer favorite student choice. All opinions and ideas generated in discussions with this will be accommodated to be used as a reference in the future Untar Fikom 

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