Senin, 26 Mei 2014

DPM external in Bogor

After an internal training was held in September 2013, this time DPM Fikom Untar continue the training by conducting external training which took place at the Villa Nurlela Bogor. Leadership training event ( LK ) which is free for students Fikom is titled " ( L ) ead, ( E ) stablish, ( A ) nd, ( D ) raw Your Life ". According to one member of the DPM, the event aims to bring more members of the DPM as well as providing leadership briefing for members of the DPM, especially the newer ones.
Friday ( 25/04/2014 ), the participants drove to the training location in Bogor. However, before getting to the villa, the bus stopped and the participants asked to get down on the ground parikir a restaurant. What is it exactly? Apparently this is part of the training. At this point the participants were divided into groups and asked to find a way to get to the villa with his group. This course is intended to teach the importance of cooperation and teamwork in solving problems. Besides a number of games, in the first day, the participants also introduced more about the history and organization of DPM itself.
On the second day, the participants started the day by doing morning exercises together. In addition, there are a number of interesting games such as Political Simulation. Each group plays their respective roles. Political simulation is intended to hone the skills of the participants in the negotiations. In addition, in the afternoon there is also an exciting outbound event. 
Unlike the second day begins with morning gymnastics, on the last day of the training the participants are invited to test his courage in the night cry of the event and a number of other interesting games. After that, it was time for the participants to return to Jakarta.
Hopefully after this event every participant can be better in lead and convey the aspirations of the students Fikom!

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