Senin, 26 Mei 2014

I-Focus Goes to Jogja

Capturing the perfect moment would be a crucial principle in the world of photography. Well, with respect to this principle photography talent agency interest Fikom Untar, I- select moments Focus Vesak as a major moment to be immortalized in the Great Hunting held from 13-17 May 2014 ago. No half-hearted, i - Focus choosing one of the best spots to capture this moment, the Borobudur Temple .
I- Focus delegation consisting of 14 members and 17 students Fikom iFocus other Untar day journey by train to reach Jogja. Arriving in the city dubbed the education city, the I - Focus group directly to the Parantritis and Gumuk Pasir. In the evening, be the culmination of this great hunting, capture the moment of the release of the 1000 lanterns at Borobudur. On the second day of the first group Focus re - visited Borobudur. After the hunting event, the committee also held a BBQ in the evening.
Hopefully, through the Great Hunting is not just a photographic skills of the participants can be honed, but also can get closer and strengthen the cohesiveness of the I - Focus !

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